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Scoot Cares! 2011

Definitely making this show an annual event! Had a great angle on the ice, but too far away for pics or video. So many great skaters at this year's show and an amazing, intimate performance by Sheryl Crow <3

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Skate for Hope 2011

Second time at Skate for Hope in Columbus!! This is always such an amazing show. Seeing the skating students perform really emphasizes how difficult all the moves are, just WOW!

We spotted Ryan Bradley while waiting for our friend outside Nationwide Center, he was on his phone a long time and our friend showed up. We were able to get pictures with him before he went back in, what a sweetheart!!!
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Ice Dreams 2011

I posted most of this in a comment with videos I did for weirsjohnny Such a busy week since the show! Ice Dreams was a lot of fun and Johnny was amazing. He had so much energy and dd such cute dancing in the opening and he seemed very happy. Caught a glimpse of him when when I came into the arena, he seemed to be finishing up an interview. He was already in the fur vest and leggings (I thought the vest was ostrich feathers from the back). Wish I could have gotten a chance for a photo but the moment went by too fast! Not sure when they did the eDressMe unveiling, maybe only for VIPs, so it was disappointing not to see the dresses in person. The arena was full but all the seats were good.

The silent auction was really lame so I'm not sure how much they raised for Japan, the best item was a loge for Skate for Hope in June. I really liked Je Ne Regrette Rien live. At first it was confusing and hard to figure out since the spoken parts and music are jumbled. It was so wonderful to see some of his iconic moves from Otonal and the Swan though and when the music finally changed to Piaf it was beautiful :D The costume for the program was gorgeous black velvet. Stephanie Handler was at the show so maybe she was making last minute adjustments but it looked great, especially the sheer black panels at the shoulders. I was really hoping to see Feeling Good for the second number but Bad Romance is always fun. I was able to buy a copy of Pop Star on Ice for only $20 at the concession stand \o/ Had the old sign (its been to ATSLA, Skate for the Heart, Holiday Dreams on Ice and now Ice Dreams) Johnny saw it and must recognize it by now because he blew us a kiss when he skated past during the finale (which is absurdly thrilling), you can almost see it in the finale video if that man hadn't stood up!

Brandon Mroz did a program with a hat to Frank Sinatra's Brazil, it was really similar to Jeremy's exhibition! It was pretty cute. Ashley and Agnes were really good and Jordan Moeller was awesome. Olivia and Tyler (I think!) the Junior Pairs skaters were fun and very cute, hope they stick together, we need them! All the little skaters were adorable and a couple were pretty fierce as well ^_^

Friends Meme

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A lovely idea from crossthefingers....so glad to be connected to all of you!!

(and the obligatory fun gif)

magic zebra with wings

Fantasy Skating

I have been stuck on my computer for hours while getting tech support for a virus ;_;

So, being bored, I decided to join the Fantasy Skating game on ontd_skating.

Here are my picks, go Team "Viacheslav-Approved" <3

Men: Daisuke Takahashi, Adrien Schultheiss, Florent Amodio
Ladies: Mao Asada, Ksenia Makarova, Alex Gilles
Pairs: Aliona Savchenko/Robin Szolkowy, Zhang Yue/Wang Lei, Katarina Gerboldt/Alexander Enbert
Ice Dance: Meryl Davis/Charlie White, Elena Ilinykh / Nikita Katsalapov, Cathy Reed / Chris Reed

Well if Yue/Lei don't pick up one of the spots left open by Zhang/Zhang in the Chinese pairs GP rotation my alternates will be Stolbova/Klimov of Russia....

Skating on TV!

So excited for this season to get started!!! This is mostly for my own convenience but here are the airdates for upcoming skating events. I e-mailed my cable provider about subscribing to Universal Sports. I still don't understand why they wouldn't air Worlds on broadcast or at least MSNBC after airing the whole Grand Prix season????

2010 ISU Grand Prix Series Schedule on NBC Sports
Sunday, Oct. 31: NHK Trophy (Japan) 4-6 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 6: Skate Canada International 4-6 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 14: Skate America 4-6 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 21: Rostelecom Cup (Russia) 2-4 p.m.
Sunday, Nov. 28: Trophée Eric Bompard (France) 2-4 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 12: ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final (China) 12-2 p.m.

Televised Skating Shows on NBC Sports
Sunday, Nov. 7 Shall We Dance On Ice 4-6 pm
Sunday, Nov 21 Improv-Ice 4-6 pm
Sunday, Nov 28 Holiday Celebration on Ice 4-6 pm
Saturday, December 25 Salute to Golden Age of Figure Skating 4-6
Sunday, December 26 Brian Boitano Skating Spectacular 4-6
Sunday, Jan 9 Skating and Gymnastics Spectacular 4-6 pm
Sunday, Jan 16 Skate for the Heart 4-6 pm
Saturday, Feb 19 Riverdance on Ice 4-6 pm




Skate for the Heart ended up being a fabulous show at Covelli Center in lovely? Youngstown, OH last night. All the skaters had great nights nailing their jumps and generally having a great time on the ice. In the opening group number Johnny Weir skated with Tanith Belbin and Ben Agosto, a few of the moves were reminiscent of the Fallen Angels number with the Gregory and Petukov. All the skaters were set up in trios (except Rachel Flatt who skated the first solo number). Johnny looked amazing in black pants and electric blue dress shirt (love his sparkly onesies but I'm partial to the simplicity of the dress shirt and pants and SFH really brought it in that department.) He later appeared in gorgeous plum velvet pants and a purple shirt as part of the ladies' number (OH YES!!!)and in the finale where all the men wore a white dress shirts with undone bow ties (UNF, yes please!!)

Very disappointed Davis and White did not skate, no explanation of their absence that I heard. After being so in love with seeing Virtue and Moir at All That Skate LA I know we missed a lot not seeing them.

Sasha Cohen had a great night. Loved her Cabaret number and she nailed her jumps in both numbers. Having trouble remembering who skated to which singer...I think I said in a _skating post that Jeremy Abbott skated to David Archuleta but now I'm pretty positive it was Sasha and Joannie (oops). Poor Rachel, so bland, her new haircut is cute though. She fell on a jump in the Archuleta number.

Jeremy was totally Jeremazing!!! So happy to see him skate after becoming his lifelong fan after meeting him at Staples Center. He skated to "Miss You" sung by Straight No Chaser and his new short program. You can see his costume for the tango above, it looked good when the program was in motion. Seems like it will be an awesome competition season for Jeremy---YAY!!

My _skating lurker companions and I had the "We Heart Johnny" sign made for ATSLA (saw it on the NBC telecast after Poker Face) and he totally saw us, giving us an amazing cute and happy grin and sideways look after Heartbroken. Not much content (as usual) in Bad Romance but he worked it of course. Loved his tweet about wearing the Jeremy Scott oversized cardigan in Youngstown.

Belbin and Agosto treated us to If It Kills Me again, we didn't mind one bit, so darn cute!!! They also skated to Coldplay's "Lights" sung by SNC.

Ryan Bradley was a huge hit with the fans. In the ladies room everyone was talking about the "guy in the jeans" (Ryan in his Billie Jean number with Straight No Chaser) and Johnny of course. His Charlie and the Chocolate factory program was super cute, we giggled like crazy, what an adorable guy (who looks awesome in a brown velvet top hat and purple velvet dress coat btw!!)

Did not meet any skaters this week. Apparently there was an open rehearsal but we were camping this weekend were not in town for it...

Tried to take vids of Jeremy's program and Johnny in the finale but they did not come out so all we get is my lame, flash-free pic of his SP costume. So everyone watch on NBC on Jan. 16 (so far away)

I need tickets to another skating show ASAP!!! Johnny Weir Spectacular in NYC anyone?

Oh, hey, look!!! Some Youtube vids are showing up!! Thanks for the link @sarahanddrew

Pics from Skate For Hope

Trying again with posting an image....why so fail!self???

Ohhh, it worked! Well this is my favorite picture of the night "dat ass" enhanced with a smoke machine. "I Gotta Feeling" that it was going to be an awesome night and it was <3

Heartbroken was amazingly beautiful. Video does not do this justice. I'm awed by how talented Johnny is, television does not even begin to show it!

Johnny and Rachel in the finale! Dammit Rachel, raise your arm a little higher, this pic coulda been so good :(